Life as Margaret Dygas has experienced it has had more than it’s fair share of unusual twists and turns. With a sound born in New York, ripened in London and refined in Berlin, Margaret Dygas is an artist whose sound possesses a true international resonance. Born and raised in Poland, at age 11 Margaret and her family moved to Germany, before finally relocating to San Jose, California. Surrounded by old school hip-hop as a teenager, her discovery of house music came in the early nineties following a move to New York. Before long, friends introduced her to the underground club scene with its dressed-up club kids, intimate basement techno nights, jungle gatherings and scores of insane house parties.

Captivated by the British dance scene, Margaret moved to London in the summer of 1999. Make up artist by day, door girl by night, she began Djing at parties in the city and eventually moved on to play warm up sets in clubs, soon becoming a regular fixture on Londons electronic music scene.

Making the move to Berlin in 2007, her early sets at Panorama Bar (where she currently holds a bi-monthly residency), Watergate, and Club Der Visioneare were exceptionally well received, with Club Der Visionaere developing into a venue where she became famed for her ability to test her own (and the audiences!) limits with 20-hour sets and sleepless nights full of musical inspiration.

It was following her move to Berlin that Margaret started producing and writing her own music, with her debut release being “Day After” (for Jay Hazes label Contexterrior), demonstrating the influence Berlin had played on her musical creativity. Margaret followed her debut release with “See You Around EP” for Tobias. Non Standard Productions” imprint in 2008 and “Invisible Circles EP” on Perlon in 2009 and subsequent contributions on Ostgut Ton and Perlon compilations.

Margarets first full-length album “How Do You Do” came out in 2010. Released on Japans PowerShovelAudio, the album is inspired by the book Peoplewatching, a guide to body language by British zoologist Desmond Morris. With each track based on a different emotion (each one relating to a chapter or idea from the book), the subject matter of the musical landscapes eventually come together to form one complete story. With each track also accompanied by a quote that illuminates the relationship between the music and the book, the CD features a 36 page booklet of Margarets own photographs, taken over the same period as the composition of the album, capturing her own personal moments and memories.

Margaret followed up her first full-length with the self-titled and more dance oriented album Margaret Dygas on Perlon in 2011, and she most recently teamed up with old friend Tobias., for “Test The West EP” on Non Standard Productions. With her broad musical background fuelling her desire for electronic experimentation within her music, her productions and dj-sets incorporate the deep and dub-influenced sound she loves, whilst retaining the driving funk of her musical past.

Margaret Dygas – Even 11 – Perlon – 12″
Margaret Dygas – Popular Religions – 50 Weapons – 12”
Margaret Dygas – In Wood / That – Perlon – 12”
Margaret Dygas & Tobias. – Test The West – Non Standard Productions – 12”
Margaret Dygas – Margaret Dygas – Perlon – 12”
Margaret Dygas – How DO You Do EP – Power Shovel Audio – 12”


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